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TUESDAY's at 4:30 pm
Casa Grande Park

2nd Avenue

Princess Theatre Center for the Performing Arts.


Princess as livery stable
Princess as livery stable 1887

Princess Theatre circa 1930  Princess Theatre circa 1930

Princess Theatre today    Princess Theatre today


Petals for the Princess Market is Here

PftP Market is an open-air market with the mission of bringing our community together by providing a marketplace with fresh produce & quality handcrafted artisan goods. The market is a fundraiser to benefit the Princess Theatre, a cultural anchor for Decatur, Alabama.

The Princess Theatre has been a north Alabama landmark for more than a century. Beginning as a livery stable in 1887, it was transformed into a silent film and vaudeville playhouse in 1919. This Decatur heirloom has a long and colorful history and holds memories that are dear to many of our citizens' hearts. Support the Petals for the Princess Tuesday Market and the Princess Center for the Performing Arts.


Peaches clothes
Fruits and veggies

Vendor information can be found on our FaceBook page.

Contact Cookie Stoner at cookielogic1@gmail.com for more info

Mission Statement
The Petals for the Princess Market’s mission is to create a balanced market of local farmers & artisans providing them with a venue to sell their goods.
To bring the community together and provide them the opportunity to purchase a unique selection of fresh goods and artisan products.
To provide funds to benefit the Princess Theatre to ensure the Princess Theatre will continue to be a cultural anchor for Decatur.
To be an educational forum for consumers to provide information about non-profit organizations and organization which produce other agricultural commodities.

Email: info@PetalsForThePrincess
Petals for the Princess: Securing our Heirloom Landmark